Latest pics

It has been a while since I last posted anything on my page. It’s been a hard month of april for us. Our boxer passed on two weeks ago from cancer. Thankfully she went in her sleep and peacefully. I still miss her terribly. She was my shadow. Followed me everywhere and sat with me where ever I sat. She was a gem. 

ImageOur little zoe who lived till 11 until the dread disease took her. RIP my little one. 


Then our remaining three had one ailment after another. But thankfully they are all mended, fully recovered. These are the latest of the photos of them. I have no doubt that they miss Zoe terribly especially our Rottie. 

ImageBruno who is the youngest who we adopted almost 3 years ago. He’s a little teddy bear. Gentle as they come. 


ImageOur second youngest and adopted poogle. We suspect she has a little terrier in her too.


ImageAnd our 8 year old Westie who is so mangy cos he’s had yeast infection in his ear. He was on ear drops and hence looking a little dirty. He is due for a bath.


My poogle and rottie had this loss of hair around their paws. I took a few drops of lavender from Young living oils and applied it on their wound. The rottie practically was pulling out hair from his paws..there’s a huge patch on it! When I started on the oils for him. he immediately stop and now when I apply it, he plops his head down and falls asleep. Ahhhh…the joys of having lavender oil. 


Currently I am wanting to mix a few oils together for ear yeast build up in my dog’s ears so I don’t have to apply the drops from the vet. I don’t know what’s in the drops. 

But if anyone wants to try the oils, proceed with caution. There are some oils that can be harmful to your dogs and cats so I suggest do read up on it before proceeding.