Soul connection Meditation by Sri Muktiswarimayi on the 4th January 2014

To welcome in the new year and those may know that it was the new moon on the 1st Jan, Sri Muktiswarimayi with CK Lee will be conducting Soul Connection Meditation on the 4th Jan at 10-1pm at 110 Jalan Terasek 2, Bangsar. Energy exchange RM220. Come to experience a closer tie with your soul purpose.

Have you ever wished you could have a greater connection with your Soul where YOU could do the following?
• The ability to speak to your soul at any time and seek guidance with ease anytime of the day?
• To have a deeper connection knowing what is your soul’s name and to help build a closer and deeper connection to the Divine at the Soul level?
• To access the Blueprint of Life through the Soul?
If the answer is yes to any one or all of the questions above, then this session is for you.
Your soul is a repository of wisdom, love, unity consciousness, and goodness. Like a Divine Mother, your soul is in charge of your learning agenda for this incarnation. Often perceived as a woman, your Soul speaks in loving language as a Mother to a Child Dear Child, Dear One, Beloved Child, are words you will often hear from your soul.

This Soul Connection process is a deep powerful experience that involves the Angelic Realm, Spiritual Masters, Spiritual Guides and Higher Light Beings to assist the participants to connect at their Soul Level. As this process accelerates one on his/her spiritual journey, only those who are ready to move forward steadily and courageously should consider accepting the invitation to have a deeper Soul Connection experience.

In order to do this, Muktiswarimayi will take you into another dimension to facilitate a clearing process (worth $330) supported by crystal sound therapy by Rev CK Lee to assist in the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual energetic release(s), depending on how in tune participants are with their gifts and their body. Removing these energetic blocks facilitates a stronger, deeper and loving Soul Connection which is then complemented with a Soul Meditation.

Benefits of Your Soul Connection
• Provides practical information for safety.
• Provides an expanded view beyond the contracted space of earthly suffering and limitation. 
• Illumines life’s many questions. 
• Is a wise and strong ally. 
• Comforts, strengthens, and nourishes you, like the Divine Mother. 
• Reveals understanding, insight, and guidance. 
• Is a refuge for renewal and re-generation. 
• Combats the monkey-mind that creates doubt, fear, depression, and suffering. 
• Reveals a life of beauty, joy, love, and gratitude. 
• Connects you with the God within YOU.
People who will benefit most from the Soul Connection process are:
• Spiritual healers/practitioners
• People with a strong spiritual practice
• Individuals who are new to their awareness of their spiritual journey and who are committed to moving forward rapidly/intently.

COME and BE in the presence of Muktiswarimayi and Rev CK Lee, two powerful souls that will leave you totally INSPIRED, MESMERIZED and AWE with this miraculous inner journey and transform your deeper connection with your Divine Self to assist you in your journeys ahead. 

Witness this yourself and have a 1st Hand Experience!!!

Facilitators: Muktiswarimayi & Rev CK Lee
For more information on these facilitators visit their respective websites:
Investment: $220
Duration: 3 hours
Date: 4th January 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. -1:00 pm
Venue: Eternal Life Holistic Center
110 Jalan Terasek 2
Telephone: 016-394 0968(irene)