Recently I had a photoshoot, this time not on dogs but on a human being!! gasp!! My very good friend wanted some photos taken to which I agreed. It was a challenge because in Malaysia, it’s the rainy season so we had to gauge on the weather and lighting was the other factor. It’s been raining everyday so we got lucky yesterday where the clouds held back and gave us great shots for the shoot. Here are some of the photos I took for him. Image


Model: Nath Keo

Clothes: Model’s Own

Venue: Photographer’s garden


Batu Caves

Batu caves is one of the most visited sites for tourist. It is a place of worship for the hindus and every year during Thaipusam the devotees would carry Kavadi in honour of their Gods and Goddess. Thousands of Hindu devotees as well as visitors will visit this day. The devotees day will start from as early as 4am and they walk for miles to batu caves. They would have fasted for at least a week, go into a trance before carrying the heavy kavadi up the steps of batu caves which is 292 steps..I think. I didn’t count the steps I climb up the other day. As it is a natural cave, I was fascinated by the wild monkeys that was living there. Most people visiting were scared of them because they tend to not have manners and will steal whatever food or if they suspect you have something in the plastic bag, they will snatch that. We witness one such snatching and the woman was screaming for them to return it back. Who can blame them living in a world where we humans have invaded their livelihood and space. It struck me, people can be so pious and devoted yet fear the monkeys and treat them with such disregard. I believe that we are meant to live side by side and not push aside the animals that were here before us. These monkeys while to be treated with caution, should also be treated with respect. If you don’t scream shout and have a calmness around you, they will respect you in return. Below are a few photos I captured.Image

The mother protective over her baby.


The smiling monkey who posed for me.


Adoption Drive @ Happydogz Holistic Centre

It was the 7th September 2013, the adoption drive was going to start at 10am. I’m hoping that the heavens do not open and make the day a wash out as there were puppies that were up for adoption on the day. I arrived early, had to prepare the centre as it is also my centre, got my niece and her friends who were volunteering on the day to help out and also to be de-brief. When everything was clear, in came the puppies for adoption from 4 weeks to 6 months. They were so adorable and friendly. Image


Thankfully the weather held and we had a great day. Not too hot which is a blessing for humans and animals. The puppies got to play with each other. Those who came for the adoption drive brought their dogs as so did I to socialize. As I am running a holistic centre, I decided to integrate human healing sessions. Start of a new age. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the photos I took from the day.


Her name is Chocolate, 6 months and look at that face. 



A beautiful west highland terrier for adoption. Female, 2 years old, skin condition. Rescued from breeder.


Ahh the little ones pillow. Both are the same age, the white pup has a mother and is still nursing. The one behind was found in the drain and no mother. Look at the size difference.

ImageAnother west highland up for adoption. Rescued from breeder who was going to put her down. 2 years old, dry eyes, hard of hearing, debarked, heart condition. Jampa is on heart medication for life due to unscrupulous breeding. Now she is looking for a nice quiet home. She doesn’t really walk very much, partly due to her heart and partly cos she’s lazy. 🙂Image

Susan, the rescuer of the puppies and dogs that are up for adoption. All funds collected helps with the upkeep of the dogs and puppies that are currently being housed at her place and at her boarding place. 

The adoption drive was partly to create awareness to the public that there are plenty of dogs out there that needs a loving home. Please stop buying from pet shop and please be responsible when buying a pup. They are for life, they have feelings, fears, issues of abandonment, heart aches, all that we feel they feel. By abandoning the dog on the street shows what kind of a person you are. 

I received a call today from a stranger who said that his boss wanted to give her dog away because she fears that this mixed breed dog that she adopted will harm her young children. I then asked, “Has the dog shown any aggressive tendency?” He replied ‘No’. I then proceeded to tell him, then why did she adopt the dog if she feared that harm will come the the children? This dog has shown nothing but love to the family and for her to turn around, to give it up because of her children?! Now that is irresponsible behaviour, using her kids as an excuse to give up the dog. I told this guy, if she gives up the dog, she needs to pay for it’s upkeep until a new owner is found. A donation is not sufficient. Those who give up their dog must be made aware giving donation because you are giving up your dog is not sufficient! Out of sight out of mind does not negate what you did. The shelters are not your dumping ground to dispense with the responsibility!

And thus so ends my rant for the evening. 






I was so happy when I see the second bloom of my orchids in my garden. I’m not very good at cultivating orchids but I love them. So when I saw some on sale with the flowers, I bought some plants. Of course, flowers do wilt and die out. So it was a waiting game before the next bloom starts and they finally did!! Image

Aren’t they pretty? Here’s one without the b/w.Image

Now while taking photos of the orchids, my lovely little canines, was pottering around the garden so I decided to concentrate taking photos of them. Much more rewarding seeing the expression on their faces. Image

My little westie caught at the moment while he was licking his lips. 

ImageThis shy boy usually doesn’t like his photos taken. So to have these photos, was just amazing. And while I was taking his photo, his friend decided she wanted her photos taken too. She walked right up to my camera. 


Who am I to deny her the opportunity for her photograph to be taken. She loves to be in front of the camera as you can see. Poses and all! 


Last but not least, my other two babies.

ImageWe adopted him when he was 6 months old. He’s grown to be such a gentle dog. Loving and playful. He’s 1 this year. And our oldest dog, the boxer. She’s a tough girl. She’s 11 years old. She just went through a procedure where a growth was removed from her leg. She is well and happy without that growth now.