Happydogz Holistic Centre

Today marked the opening of my holistic centre for pets. There were those who came with their pets and those who dropped in to browse what’s on retail. I had my two little ones today. They were out sun tanning, playing and busy being fed with treats too! They enjoyed their time. There were red velvet cupcakes, sandwiches, coffee by espresso lab. It was a time to sit, mingle and relax with the canines. I managed to take some photos today.

1 year old up for adoption at Malaysian SPCA

ImageIt was a hot day, and I was doing a shoot at the SPCA. There were so many dogs there. I just wish they will all get adopted out to loving homes and that pet owners are responsible not to let out their dogs without a leash, unaccompanied. This dog pictured is only a year old. Friendly and loving. That is all a dog wants..to be loved. So, open your heart and adopt. See the beauty of owning a dog.