Batu Caves

Batu caves is one of the most visited sites for tourist. It is a place of worship for the hindus and every year during Thaipusam the devotees would carry Kavadi in honour of their Gods and Goddess. Thousands of Hindu devotees as well as visitors will visit this day. The devotees day will start from as early as 4am and they walk for miles to batu caves. They would have fasted for at least a week, go into a trance before carrying the heavy kavadi up the steps of batu caves which is 292 steps..I think. I didn’t count the steps I climb up the other day. As it is a natural cave, I was fascinated by the wild monkeys that was living there. Most people visiting were scared of them because they tend to not have manners and will steal whatever food or if they suspect you have something in the plastic bag, they will snatch that. We witness one such snatching and the woman was screaming for them to return it back. Who can blame them living in a world where we humans have invaded their livelihood and space. It struck me, people can be so pious and devoted yet fear the monkeys and treat them with such disregard. I believe that we are meant to live side by side and not push aside the animals that were here before us. These monkeys while to be treated with caution, should also be treated with respect. If you don’t scream shout and have a calmness around you, they will respect you in return. Below are a few photos I captured.Image

The mother protective over her baby.


The smiling monkey who posed for me.