I was so happy when I see the second bloom of my orchids in my garden. I’m not very good at cultivating orchids but I love them. So when I saw some on sale with the flowers, I bought some plants. Of course, flowers do wilt and die out. So it was a waiting game before the next bloom starts and they finally did!! Image

Aren’t they pretty? Here’s one without the b/w.Image

Now while taking photos of the orchids, my lovely little canines, was pottering around the garden so I decided to concentrate taking photos of them. Much more rewarding seeing the expression on their faces. Image

My little westie caught at the moment while he was licking his lips. 

ImageThis shy boy usually doesn’t like his photos taken. So to have these photos, was just amazing. And while I was taking his photo, his friend decided she wanted her photos taken too. She walked right up to my camera. 


Who am I to deny her the opportunity for her photograph to be taken. She loves to be in front of the camera as you can see. Poses and all! 


Last but not least, my other two babies.

ImageWe adopted him when he was 6 months old. He’s grown to be such a gentle dog. Loving and playful. He’s 1 this year. And our oldest dog, the boxer. She’s a tough girl. She’s 11 years old. She just went through a procedure where a growth was removed from her leg. She is well and happy without that growth now.