Dance. Movements so poignant that either moves you or do not do anything at all. When a dancer dances, she or he encompasses the music. It should move the soul and convey the message to the audience to move them. To make them be a part of the dance, to move their soul within. That’s how I see dance, any kind of dancing. To bring out the emotions of the audience, be it passion, sadness, joy. I learned ballet when I was little. I must admit, I was quite mechanical to it. I didn’t really enjoy it. I never let the music take me over. So, after a few years, I stopped. Years later, I took up belly dancing. Quite different from ballet. I enjoyed it. Performed for charity shows, bought the costumes. Yet I could not quite relate to it. Yes I know the movement, I couldn’t express myself properly. Maybe I’m just not quite an expressive person? No, that isn’t it. I’m afraid to express myself through dance. However through the years of learning belly dancing, ballet or any sort of dance, I have learned to watch when another person dances on the floor. Whether there is any connection from the dancer and the audience. From dancing, I prefer these days to be behind the camera taking photos whether it’s pets or people. See what you think on these few photos I am posting up. Look at their expression. IMG_3030IMG_3081IMG_3177IMG_3153IMG_3055

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