Earth Goddess

I had an idea weeks back…to shoot a theme of ‘Earth Goddess.’ In it she will be clad in green, and Imageflowers in the hair. At the last minute, I found flowers for the hair. On the day, While putting on make-up and doing the hair, it started to rain. Hmmm there goes my venue…so, I decided to do the shoot at my house. It wasn’t the most ideal place but it worked pretty well. On hindsight, I guess it was pretty apt that it rained. Earth goddess encompasses all including the rain.

ImageHere is the first tight shot of the Earth Goddess. With all the things that is happening to our earth today, all the waste that we throw, the earth cries of sadness to change our habits and ways.


ImageImageImageThis is one of my favourite shots. The Earth Goddess welcoming the rain.