Vain Dog

I have a west highland terrier. He’s 6 years old going on 7. This has been going on for 6 years and counting. When he first saw himself in the mirror, he’s never seen himself before so he stared at himself..walked towards it and hits the mirror. So he kinda got the message that what he saw was him! That was that…then a few months on I caught him starting and admiring himself in the mirror. Now what conversation that goes on in his head, we’ll never know, but it may go something like this, “Aren’t I a handsome boy?!” This has been happening quite a few times as the years past. I finally decided to pick up my camera and catch him in the act! Here’s the photo! Enjoy!

Look at this handsome boy!

2 comments on “Vain Dog

  1. hahaha too cute!! I have a Westie as well.. aren’t they absolutely adorable!

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