When I took this photo today, I took it because it looked interesting. A simple candle with the flame. I did very little post editing on this photo except to darken the background. Perhaps it’s a little grainy but I don’t mind the effect. What I love is the flame that is in the middle of this photo. It comes to life! I can stare at it for ages. It wasn’t until later today that I figure out why this photo captured me and speaks to me. You see, the flame in this photo represents hope. Hope where it is so difficult to see in today’s society. It is so easy to give up but it is hope that gives me life. When all looks bleak, when life gets difficult, it is very easy to just throw your arms in the air and just say enough. But that wouldn’t be living. Life is about living it to the fullest. Taking it in bad times and in good times. Hope gives us the ability to achieve the impossible. My sister lost her fight to cancer 3 years next month, while I still miss her terribly, it is the hope that one day a cure will be found for cancer. The flame represent the flame inside each and every one of us..let nothing and no one extinguish it.

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