Photoshoot with my nieces

Recently there was a very long week break because it was Eid Mubarak where the Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadhan. I took this opportunity to photograph my nieces who happen to be on a weeks holiday from school. My first modeling shoot. Not too great but it was a fun day out. Thankfully it rained the night before and it was a cool morning. Unfortunately lighting became an issue. Good and bad. Here are some of the results.


1 year old up for adoption at Malaysian SPCA

ImageIt was a hot day, and I was doing a shoot at the SPCA. There were so many dogs there. I just wish they will all get adopted out to loving homes and that pet owners are responsible not to let out their dogs without a leash, unaccompanied. This dog pictured is only a year old. Friendly and loving. That is all a dog be loved. So, open your heart and adopt. See the beauty of owning a dog.