Fire Eaters

Fire eaters that’s what they are called. Literally ‘eat’ fires. These are my friends performing their act on a warm october night 2011. It was nothing short of amazing watching them do their act. The smell from the lighter fluid was enough to send the room spinning and yet these two would put in their mouth like mouth wash and blow onto live flame to light up the house! I’m amazed they didn’t singed their eyebrows! They have been doing this a while so please, don’t try this at home.


These were taken at the orchid park a few years ago. I decided one day to take my camera at that time I owned a Canon 400D to the orchid park to take some photos. It was purely for fun and to indulge my love for photography. Enjoy the pics as I enjoyed taking them.

At that time, my watermark hadn’t evolved into ifj photos. I was still using my name as I was just starting out and hadn’t figured out what I wanted to put as a watermark.

Pet and Child Photography

It was a hot day and this little girl was my client for the day. She was delightful to shoot and was sporting to get into the pool with her clothes on! As you can tell from the photos, she loved the water and she also love that dog. It was her neighbor’s dog who was so kind to allow their dog to be held and photographed.

My babies

I love taking pet shots and my little furry friends have not been spared. So I thought I’d share with you some of the photos of my little ones.

Desa Park City

This was my first ever dog shoot at the park. It was a hot day, 3 dogs to photograph. All in all it turned out to be a great day!

Indoor shoot

I’ve had the privileged to photograph this particular dog twice. He’s such a dear and a sweetheart.

Cat and Gerbil photo shoot

It was the first experience and and interesting at that shooting cats and a gerbil. Truly and experience. Have a look at the end result!